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Xelex XP3

Xelex XP3 Central Heating System Internal Cleaner

Xelex XP3 is a system cleaner ideally for use in newly installed & newer domestic heating systems. It can be used with the circulating pump of the system or with external power flushing equipment. It is formulated to penetrate and remove iron oxide and calcium based deposits from heat exchangers, radiators and pipe work. Xelex XP3 is neutral pH and can be used in systems containing commonly used metals and alloys including aluminium.


XP3 data sheet XP3 data sheet (650 KB)

Does Xelex XP3 cleaner need to be flushed out of the system?

Xelex cleaners should be allowed to circulate around the system for at least one hour for new systems, or up to several hours/days for existing and or very sludged systems. They should  then be drained out and the system flushed thoroughly with clean water before adding XP0 or XP2 inhibitors.

Is Xelex XP3 suitable for use on systems with plastic pipe/Speedfit fittings and/or Aluminium components?

All Xelex products have been formulated for use with plastic pipe work and aluminium components, and are compatible with Speedfit fittings

What is the difference between Xelex XP3 and Xelex XP4?

Xelex XP3 Cleaner is formulated for use with new and existing systems that have been recently fitted. XP4 is a heavy duty cleaner, and has been developed for use with heavily sludged or contaminated systems and is ideal for use with powerflushing equipment.

Why would I need a powerflush?

Powerflushing is the fast and efficient way to remove longstanding sludge and debris from older existing systems in order to restore or maintain the energy efficiency of your central heating system. The procedure/ time taken to powerflush varies depending on the size and condition of the system. It is recommended to powerflush before installing a new boiler to protect and extend the system’s life and maintain the boiler’s Sedbuk energy efficiency rating..

Can I add Xelex XP0 inhibitor at the same time as a Xelex XP3 cleaner?

It is not advisable to add an inhibitor at the same time as a cleaner, simply because the cleaner will need to be flushed from the system in order to complete the clean. The inhibitor should be added during the final system fill only after the cleaner and the debris it has removed have been drained from the system and the system flushed. However, if you have already added an inhibitor to a system currently undergoing the cleaning process, there is no detrimental effect to the system or the cleaning process

Xelex XP3

Xelex XP3

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