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Xelex XP2

Xelex XP2 BuildCert Approved Corrosion Inhibitor Including Energy Saving Additive 

Xelex XP2 is a high performance BuildCert approved central heating inhibitor including an advanced energy saving additive. It is formulated to protect and improve overall central heating system operation and efficiency. ‘Typically, up to 15% savings can be achieved when using Xelex XP2 in place of using a standard inhibitor’.  Xelex XP2 gives excellent performance in every type of water (hard, soft, and demineralised) and is compatible with aluminium and non-metallic components.


XP2 data sheet XP2 data sheet (655 KB)

How does Xelex XP2 save me money?

Xelex XP2 enables the system water to heat up quicker and maintain it’s heat for longer, resulting in the boiler performing less cycles and using less fuel. Money and Carbon saved!

How do I add it to the system?

Xelex XP2 can be added to the system in various ways. For an open vented system with a header tank the Xelex XP2 can be added directly into the tank. For a sealed system, mostly with a condensing boiler, it can be added either via a filling loop, magnetic filter or by draining some water from the radiator system.

How long does it take to start working?

Xelex XP2 will start working straight away and when the boiler is turned on and the system pump is operating it will circulate the additive throughout the system. Any radiators that are isolated, or when the thermostatic radiator valves are turned to zero, need to be turned on to allow the fluid to flow for at least 20 minutes before turning them off again.

Will it need topping up?

Normally the answer is no unless the system has been drained.

If I replace my boiler and keep my radiators do I need to add more XP2?

In most cases the boiler will have been isolated from the system whilst the changeover has occurred. The heating system should not have been drained completely but it is still recommended that fresh XP2 is added. If the system is being drained it is advisable to use a cleaner, either XP3 or XP4, depending on the age of radiator system prior to adding XP2 inhibitor. If an inhibitor is already in the system it will not react with the cleaner. It is highly recommended that when fitting a new boiler you should also fit a Xelex Magnex filter. This is available individually or as part of our energy saving pack.

Does adding XP2 affect my boiler warranty?

No. It is safe to use with any type of boiler, even those with aluminium components. All boiler manufacturers recommend the use of BuildCert approved inhibitors such as Xelex XP2

Xelex XP2

Xelex XP2

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Xelex XP2 Energy Saving Central Heating Inhibitor - Save 15% on your fuel bills 

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