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Xelex XP1

XP1 Energy Saving Central Heating Additive

Xelex XP1 is an advanced formulation energy saving central heating additive. It is produced and tested to the highest standards to improve overall central heating system operation and efficiency. Typically, up to 15% savings can be achieved when adding Xelex XP1 in to your central heating system. Xelex XP1 gives excellent performances in every type of water (hard, soft, and demineralised) and is non corrosive. Xelex XP1 is compatible with all inhibitors and will not affect metallic, non-metallic or aluminium components.


XP1 data sheet XP1 data sheet (710 KB)

How Does Xelex XP1 work?

Xelex XP1 reduces the surface tension of the water improving thermal contact, making it possible to reach into the micro cracks and other imperfections within the system pipe work and radiator surfaces. This makes more effective use of the heat generated by the boiler.

Do I need to clean the system before adding Xelex XP1?

Xelex XP1 will work more effectively if the system is clean and the thermal contact is optimised. It should always be added to a system containing an inhibitor. XP1 will work with any branded inhibitor already present in the system at the correct concentration. Please note: If there is no inhibitor present in the system, or if the concentration is low, then XP2 should be used instead of XP1. 

When do I need to clean the system?

In general it is best to clean an existing system to optimise the thermal contact performance and therefore achieve the best energy savings from Xelex XP1. Once the system is cleaned and flushed XP2 (a mix of energy saving additive and corrosion inhibitor) should be added. Our best advice is as follows:

  • brand new system which has a BuildCert inhibitor already installed – need use XP1 only.
  • existing system -  depends on how long the system has been installed and whether there has been an inhibitor added previously. If less than 6 months since the installation or power flushing has occurred then it is recommended to first clean with XP3 then flush before adding Xelex XP2.
  • older system -  deep clean by using Xelex XP4, flush thoroughly to remove debris and then refill using Xelex XP2.

How much Xelex XP1 is needed?

A 500 ML bottle of Xelex XP1 is enough to treat a 100 litre system, i.e. a domestic installation of 10-12 radiators. Larger or commercial systems will require more Xelex XP1 according to system water volume,

In which type of systems can Xelex XP1 be used?

Xelex XP1 is used in indirect heating systems only: open systems or sealed systems


Xelex XP1

Xelex XP1

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