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Xelex is a British based manufacturing company selling highly innovative chemical products internationally. The products have been engineered by our team of chemists and engineers who have over 60 years of experience in advanced water treatment chemicals and technologies. Quality, value and innovation are at the core of all of the products backed up by a wealth of experience and knowledge of he industry.

The company has developed a range of products for heating, cooling and renewable applications. From a simple central heating inhibitor to a nano-technology advanced formulated PV glass protector the products are designed to prevent, protect and perform. The primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions and create energy savings.

Xelex 3P Protocol guarantees . .     Prevention | Protection | Performance

Keep warm by spending less this Winter

      • long-term central heating system benefits 
      • improved heating performance
      • increased energy savings up to 25%
      • an enhanced central heating system system life 
      • Following the Xelex 3P Protocol means up to 25% more fuel efficiency than a fouled and dirty system
Xelex XP2 Energy Saving Central Heating Inhibitor - Save 15% on your fuel bills 

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