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Energy Saving Solutions from the Energy Saving Store

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Energy Saving Solutions


Radiant Heating - heats what it should, where it should, when it should. Radiant heating is the form of warmth most comfortable to humans, whether from the sun, a burning fireside or today’s energy efficient, discreet heating systems. Green Power, 100% comfort and up to 50% energy saving. Click for details.

Energy Saving Solutions


We develop and supply sustainable lighting solutions that helps you to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Energy Saving Solutions


Evaporative cooling - compared to a traditional refrigeration system the estimated energy savings are expected to be around 90%. A single EcoCooler, rated at 35Kw, can show carbon savings of up to 10,000kg per year and cost less than 15p per hour to run.

Xelex XP2 Energy Saving Central Heating Inhibitor - Save 15% on your fuel bills 

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At the Energy Saving Advice Service our philosophy is to show every organisation we deal with , how best to save energy and how to make sure that the energy used has the minimum impact both financially and environmentally