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What is a designerRAD?

designerRAD beautiful heating solutions

designerRAD is a fabulous new concept in radiant heating systems.

A designerRAD is a radiant heater that looks like a work of art or a favourite painting that hangs on your wall. They are manufactured in the UK to an exceptionally high standard and will grace any living space or office. What is more you have complete creative freedom in your choice of image or design so each designerRAD is unique and bespoke to you.

Radiant heating is the transfer of heat energy using energy waves. Heat energy in the form of radiation will always travel from a hot surface to a cooler surface. Consider the Sun, the Earth’s only source of heat, which is 150 million Km away. The Sun warms the Earth from a fantastic distance purour wallely using radiant energy. Even before the air is warm, heat from the sun can be felt, such on a clear winter morning, or on top of a snowy mountain. Warmth from the sun is instantaneous - you experience this when the sun emerges from behind a cloud. This is the principle behind designerRAD.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that radiant heating is the form of warmth most comfortable to humans, whether from the sun, a burning fireside or today’s energy efficient, discreet heating systems.

designerRAD - the benefits at a glance

• Very high energy efficiency.

• Incredibly economical to use.

• Elegant and decorative heating solutions, which are an integral part of your furniture.

• An UNLIMITED range of designs to suit your personal style with your choice of radiator size.

• No air movement compared to convection systems, no circulation of dust.

• Hygienic, clean and discreet.

• Simple to install, with quick connection systems (Plug and Play).

• No maintenance once installed.

• Long life of the system with no moving parts.

• Precise, accurate management of comfort and power consumption.

From an energy saving standpoint the use of designerRAD will radically reduce your electricity consumption. The very nature of the type of heating means that a room thermostat can normally be set to at least 3 degrees lower than a setting for a conventionally heated room. It is dificult to describe the effect of radiant heating, perhaps the closest is to liken it to standing in warm sunshine which feels very different to standing in a centrally heated room.


designerRAD 600

designerRAD 600

Price: GBP 829.00

designerRAD wall mounted radiant heaters.Absolutely no creative constraints apply to this incredible product. Unsurpasse...
Prod Test

Prod Test

Price: GBP 1.00

A designerRAD is a radiant heater that looks like a work of art or a favourite painting that hangs on your wall. They ar...
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